Real Estate Resources for Buyers

  • Buyer Agency

    A buyer can engage the services of a real estate agent to purchase property and the real estate agent is then the agent for the buyer who becomes the agent's client. Learn more

  • Guarantee of Service

    We provide a guarantee of our services in writing, so that you are legally able to terminate your agreement should we not perform as outlined. Learn more

  • Mortgage Calculator

    Find out how much you can afford or what your monthly payments will be with this helpful calculator.

  • Title V Septic Regulation

    If you're purchasing a home that is not on town sewer, you will need a Title V Inspection, the results of which can impact your contract or financing. Learn More

  • Lead Paint

    Older homes may contain lead paint.  It is important that you are informed about the dangers and prevention of lead paint poisoning before you buy.  Learn More

  • Radon

    Learn more about protecting yourself and your family from Radon by downloading this free guide from the CDC and Download PDF