Renters Process

 The Rental Process 

1. Fill out rental documents with your agent 

Often times this will include a type of agency disclosure. 

2. Look at properties 

You can search online or enlist the help of your agent. 

3. Complete a rental application 

Your agent will charge a rental fee. This is generally 1/2 of one month’s rent. 

4. Perform a credit or background check 

This will be a onetime cost of $50. 

5. Determine if you need a cosigner 

You may need someone with good credit to cosign your lease to 

ensure the landlord that your rent will be paid.

6. Sign the lease! 

Congratulations, you’ve found your rental! This may also include 

paying one month, and/or the first and last month of rent as well as a 60% (of one month) Realestate Fee. See details per property.

7. Pay for utilities 

Make sure you know what is provided and what you need to arrange on your own. 

8. Don’t forget to pay the rent! 

Enjoy your new home!