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Northampton, MA 

Home to Smith College, it will be difficult to find yourself feeling bored in this bustling town. Northampton is full of entertainment, cultural activities, and great restaurants. There are housing options for those who want to be downtown, as well as those that prefer the outskirts. Getting around is easy on the Five College bus route. Come enjoy all Northampton has to offer, including Look Park and an extensive bike path. 


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Easthampton, MA

This industrial town has developed into a great location for living. You get the best of both worlds with newer restaurants to enjoy, and the option to hike up Mt. Tom, where you can take in the beautiful views of the town. Whether you like downtown living, or having a little more privacy, you will be sure to find something that you like in Easthampton! Commuting to Northampton and the Springfield area is easy. 


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Amherst, MA 

Home to three colleges, Amherst is a town full of young life and spirit. There are plenty of options for good food and fun nights out. Rentals vary from new efficiency apartments downtown to homes in established neighborhoods. UMass is also a great place to catch any sports games or concerts! Recreation is abundant with the bike path and many hiking areas.


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Hadley, MA

The town of Hadley offers both the privacy and relaxation of a country setting, and the convenience of being located close to shopping. Hadley, Massachusetts is an area that has been used for farming for many years, with a few farms still remaining. In more recent times, it has developed into a shopping destination for those who live in the valley or nearby hill towns. This is a popular area for College students to shop and eat on the weekends. 


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Belchertown, MA

The population of this growing town has increased significantly in the past 30 years. With new housing developments coming in, more people are moving to Belchertown. With this popularity, the housing options here will continue to expand. The close proximity to Amherst and Hadley allows residents to enjoy the amenities that may not be offered directly in this town.  


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Granby, MA

Just minutes from the convenience of stores and restaurants in Hadley, Granby is a primarily residential town. Many homes in the area are set up in suburbia fashion. These homes have been developed in more recent years, appealing to those who desire a newer feel. Most rentals that will be available in this town are single and multi-family with the possibility of other apartment styles emerging. 


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South Hadley, MA 

Even though it is home to Mt. Holyoke College, South Hadley is not a typical college town. The lifestyle remains very rural. However, with the college in the area, the town offers entertainment and recreation for anyone to enjoy. Additionally, similar to all other towns in Hampshire County, it is easy to access surrounding communities.


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Southampton, MA

Southampton is very similar to Westhampton in terms of finding things to do. The rentals that are available in each of these towns are most commonly single family homes. Seclusion is a key element of this valley town. However you can easily access Northampton and Easthampton where you can find more people, restaurants, and shops.


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Westhampton, MA

Among the multitude of small towns in Hampshire County, Westhampton is one of four connecting towns that share a similar name. Attractions include travelling to neighboring towns in order to hike in areas of conservation or enjoy a small lake. This town creates a separation between home and social life. 


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Whately, MA

Whately, very similar to Hatfield, is a town located along the Connecticut river with an agricultural reputation. The hilly land offers opportunity for outdoor recreation. The distance to work or entertainment is long, however this can pose as a bonus to those who don't mind a longer commute in order to enjoy living in secluded area. 


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Hatfield, MA

As a small, agricultural community, Hatfield offers private living in single family homes and apartment complexes. While being secluded, it is also located relatively close to stores and provides easy access to interstate 91. It has its own school system with the benefits of small class sizes and familiar faces. Don't overlook this thriving small town!


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