The CBx Difference Postcard

CBx is a state of the art listing experience available only to Coldwell Banker agents and their clients. Our Realtors have access to BIG DATA, in real time, at their fingertips. 



CBx provides data, based on specific criteria, to create a Buyer Profile showing who the likely buyers are in a given local market, based on the following demographics including:

  • Median age
  • Average education
  • Family size
  • Percentage of homes with children
  • Average household income
  • Median mortgage debt
  • Median Commute time


CBx also showcases where buyers are likely to come from, allowing our marketing department to know exactly where to market your property. Buyer Trends pulls the following details:

  • The top three (3) counties that are moving into sellers’ location
  • The buyer activity on for that zip code
  • The zip code profiles (Data provided by ESRI) – which describe the type of buyer to look for.


Localized data gives sellers real time information about their real estate marketplace from our exclusive Coldwell Banker® mix of data sources.

  • Average home value
  • Total housing units (owner, renter, vacant)
  • Future trends
  • Percentage of households changing owners
  • 2014-2019 annual compound Growth Rate
  • Home improvement spending


We all know a picture can be worth a thousand words. So a heat map should be worth ten thousand words! This type of mapping takes selected data and visually lays it over an area map to give sellers the full picture and clear representation of the statistics available.

On the buyer trends map, sellers will be able to see:

  • The three top regions where current buyers are coming from
  • The percentage match of the selected buyer profile data points in each region
  • The media consumed by each buyer profile

There is also different layers of maps, including:

  • Neighborhood segmentation
  • For sale, recently sold, and for rent properties

Pricing with CBx

Online pricing data can be flawed and does not take into consideration important factors such as the condition of the house, location amenities, and the inventory of the local market. CBx gives Realtors access to comprehensive real estate market data in suggesting a recommended base price for your property, and the ability for the Realtor to make adjustments for common items such as the kitchen, baths, pool or garage, as well as recommendations based on their knowledge of the local market. 

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