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Sellers, What Comes Next?

401 Huckle Hill Rd, Bernardston, Massachusetts

401 Huckle Hill Rd, Bernardston, Massachusetts

After you have made the decision to list your property for sale and selected an agent then, the actual listing process will begin. The next step will be filling out paperwork with your agent and getting the listing information ready for the real estate market.

1. The first form you should see is the Massachusetts Mandatory Licensee-Consumer Relationship Disclosure. The state of Massachusetts requires a discussion about agency representation between you and your real estate agent. In reviewing this form, you will learn how your particular relationship will be handled by your real estate agent throughout the listing and selling process.

2. Exclusive Right to Sell Contract may be the next form you see. This is a contract between you, the seller and your real estate agent. You will be making some decisions during this time like; list price, time frame the agent has to market your property for sale, success fee, seller's expenses etc.

3. Lead Paint Disclosure is a form you will see if your home was built before 1978. This form fills state and federal requirements disclosing your knowledge of lead paint in your home. For more information provides a copy of the form for you to review.

4. Another form you may see from a Coldwell Banker Upton-Massamont REALTOR agents is a Seller Service Guarantee. We guarantee our service from the marketing of your property to the final sale. We spell out line by line what we will do for you in the process of selling your home.

5.  As discussed in a previous post the Sellers Statement of Property Condition is your opportunity to share the information you know about the maintenance and condition of your property. By completing the form you are giving your agent permission to share details about your home with potential buyers. This form will not guarantee the condition of your property upon purchase just allows your agent to share the information you are aware of. A buyer will be instructed to have a home inspection completed on your property after the Offer to Purchase has been negotiated, therefore the buyer will investigate your property to their own satisfaction.

6. Smoke Alarm and Carbon Monoxide Requirements will also need to be met before the sale of your home. Here is an online copy of information you as a seller will need to know. Your agent will walk you through the inspection when the time is appropriate. However, here is a chance to check out your alarms to be prepared for that inspection in advance.

The next few days will be busy for both you and your real estate agent. Photos need to be taken, information needs to be acquired, listing sheets prepared, submission to websites and print adverting to request. Let's get ready to move on to the next step . . . . .

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