Real Estate Market Today in the Pioneer Valley

Market WatchComing off of a long, cold winter the real estate markets in Franklin & Hampshire County are picking up as fast as it is warming up.  Glad to see more properties heading to the real estate market giving Buyers more options to find their dream home.

Today in Franklin County there are 306 homes available for sale with the average list price of $259,881.  These properties have been on the market on average 226 days and have an average list price per square foot of $140.00.

In Hampshire County there are 518 homes available for sale with an average list price of $350, 186.  These homes have an average days on market of 189 with a list price average square foot of $169.00

The tables below share real estate stats over the last 3 months for properties under agreement and for properties that have sold.  Tracking this information helps us see the direction of our market in the short term.  Property for sale is down right now but we are seeing signs that the inventory is picking up.  Keep a look out for more information on specific towns in upcoming post.

If you are looking to put you home on the real estate market, we have recently posted some information on getting your home ready and what to do next.  Feel free to contact us for a detailed conversation on the real estate market condition and what the process is to list your property for sale.

Franklin County Real Estate Market Stats for Jan. 14, 2015-April 14, 2015

Single Family Homes for Sale 4/14: 306

Average Days on Market:                    226 Average List Price:                     $259,881 Average List/SqFt:                       $140.00

Single Family Under Agreement:   37 Average Days on Market:                   209 Average Price:                             $185,138 Median Price:                             $179,000

Single Family Homes Sold 1/14-4/14: 32 Average Days on Market:                      151 Average Sale Price:                      $227,892 Median Sale Price                        $182,500 Highest Sale Price:                   $1,150,000 Lowest Sale Price:                         $40,000 Average Sold/SqFt:                        $125.00

Homes Sold Over $300,000:                   5 Homes Sold in $200,000 Range:            8 Homes Sold Up to $199,900:                 19

Hampshire County Real Estate Market Stats for Jan 14, 2015-April 15, 2015

Single Family Homes for Sale 4/14:    518

Average Days on Market:                       189 Average List Price:                        $350,186 Average List/SqFt:                          $169.00

Single Family Under Agreement:         115 Average Days on Market:                      126 Average Price:                               $304,253 Median Price:                               $269,000

Single Family Homes Sold 1/14-4/14: 69 Average Days on Market:                      163 Average Sale Price:                      $268,282 Median Sale Price                        $255,000 Highest Sale Price:                      $525,000 Lowest Sale Price:                          $70,000 Average Sold/SqFt:                         $151.00

Homes Sold Over $300,000:                 27 Homes Sold in $200,000 Range:          16 Homes Sold Up to $199,900:                 26


The Story of Our Home

I couldn't agree more with this commercial.  This commercial shows such a simple story but one many of us relate to or make us think of our own story.  My home has a story that started many years ago, it is where all my memories are -  from getting married, bringing the babies home, running to the ball games, plays and even doctor appointments.   It all happened starting at home, the biggest and best purchase I have every made.


How about you, what is your story?

Feel free to share below.

President's Award Recipients 2014

RAPV President's Awards 2014

RAPV President's Awards 2014

Congratulations to Coldwell Banker | Community Realtors award winners who attended last nights President's Award Event at the Hardley Farms Meeting House.

Award Winners: (1st Row) Phil Pless, Timothy Parker, Cathy Roberts, Wanda Mooney and Carol Bolduc.  (2nd Row) Marcia Brooks, Mike Packard, Christine Aubrey and Steve Oates.


Holiday Bazaar Season Begins

hOLIDAY bAAZARHampshire County, MA opens the Holiday Bazaar/Craft Show season this weekend with several events to attend.

November 8th 10am-2pm - Rockridge Retirement Community - 25 Coles Meadow Rd., Northampton

November 8th - 9am-2pm - Easthampton Festival Fall Fair - 112 Main Street, Easthampton

November 8th - 9am-3pm - Hadley Fall Craft Fair - 98 North Maple Street, Hadley

We Are #1 in the State!

Coldwell BankeColdwell Banker | Community Realtors No1r Upton-Massamont REALTORS received the destinction of being the #1 Coldwell Banker Affiliate in the State of Massachusetts at the National Convention in California last night!  We work hard to serve our Buyers and Sellers with the best tools available in the real estate industry today.  We are happy to share this service in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts.  Check us out at www.cbumr.com or call one of our 4 convenient locations today.  Deerfield (413) 665.3771, Shelburne (413) 625.6366, Northampton (413) 586.8355 or our Amherst office (413) 461.3650.

Staging Your Home FOR SALE

When it coA-Main Photomes to staging your home for sale, it is important that you, the seller, create a warm and inviting atmosphere that will appeal to as many potential buyers as possible. Below are 7-Simple Staging Tips from Coldwell Banker Upton-Massamont REALTORS to help boost your home's appeal and give you the competitive edge necessary when selling your home.

1.  Stage rooms with one purpose. Extra rooms that have a mishmash of uses can confuse and even deter homebuyers, so staging rooms with one purpose is vital. Keep in mind that buyers are generally looking for areas equipped to meet their needs. So turn storage dens into a home office or the kids' bedroom into a guest bedroom.

2.  Tackle the easy "do-it-yourself" projects. To ensure your home is in tip top shape make sure to replace outdated kitchen and bathroom fixtures, apply a fresh coat of paint to a worn wall and refinish the kitchen cabinets. Providing a sleek and modern look wherever possible can make a huge difference in the eyes of homebuyers. To learn more about what home styles are "in fashion," ask a local Coldwell Banker agent about the styles seen in homes that are selling in the area, and purchase a current interior design magazine for ideas.

 3.  Focus on the living areas. A living room is an area in which potential buyers should be able to envision themselves U-bedrmentertaining friends or gathering with their family. With that in mind, you should make the area appear as large and functional as possible by removing any unnecessary furniture and decorations.

3.  Make sure the master bedroom appeals to both sexes. When staging the Master Bedroom, make sure that it appeals to buyers of both sexes.  Remove any feature that seems too gender-specific and paint the walls a neutral color.

4.  Clear the room of family portraits. Homebuyers are looking for a home they can picture their family living in, not the previous owner's. Coldwell Banker | Community Realtors recommends taking down family portraits, personal collections and knickknacks. Removing these items will also eliminate clutter and ensure that people are looking at the house for sale, not at the photos from the last family vacation.

5.  Furnish the home, but don't overdo it. While an empty home looks spacious, it is hard for buyers to visualize their belongings in a home if they are staring at ceilings, floors and bare walls. Leave the basic components of each room, but make sure there is still plenty of open space.

Z1-view6.  Don't forget to spruce up the yard. First impressions often play a role in a consumer's decision making process.  Make sure your home's exterior is inviting by trimming the bushes, mowing the lawn and painting faded window trim. Homebuyers looking for a home will appreciate the seller's attention to detail.

Call your Coldwell Banker Upton-Massamont agent today for the service you need to sell your home.  We have 4 convenient locations serving the Pioneer Valley.

Amherst:  (413) 461-3650                   Northampton:  (413) 586-8355

So. Deerfield (413) 665-3771             Shelburne Falls (413) 625-6366

Springtime Spruce Up for Sellers

Spruce Up copyHome value is top of mind for sellers and renovations or remodeling can play a critical role in both increasing the value of a home and ensuring that it stands out to potential buyers. 

Most consumers are looking to do more with less, few homeowners may be ready to commit the thousands of dollars it can take to fully redo even a single room.  Before breaking out the tool belt, Coldwell Banker | Community Realtors advises homeowners to check out the free online tools that can help them chart their home remodeling efforts, such as "Tips for Selling Your Home" available at www.coldwellbanker.com.  Homeowners can also speak with your Coldwell Banker real estate professional to learn more about specific home improvements that most appeal to buyers in your area.

The professionals at Coldwell Banker suggest the following 8-affordable home improvements for potentially increasing the overall value of a home, without breaking the budget:

NOTE* We always recommend to homeowners who are not comfortable taking on a home improvement project themselves should always hire a qualified professional.

1.  Reface Kitchen Cabinets. Kitchen updates are among the smartest remodeling projects when it comes to "upping" the resale value of a home. But homeowners do not need to spring for an entire new cabinet set to improve the room's appeal. Refacing existing cabinets, applying a fresh coat of paint or replacing tarnished pulls and knobs with new hardware might be just the quick fix a kitchen needs to make it look and feel like new.  light bulb

 2.  Improve the Lighting. Updating lights and lighting fixtures is another simple enhancement that does not require a major investment. Replacing old bulbs with stronger, more energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs will brighten up the house and make it more inviting - while cutting down on energy costs over the long term. In addition, replacing recessed lights in a dining or living room with an affordable chandelier or installing accent lighting to draw attention to artwork or other room features can create an entirely fresh ambiance.

3.  Freshen up a Fan. An updated ceiling fan can give a room a more contemporary feel, but purchasing a new one isn't always a necessity when looking to upgrade. Improving an existing fan is simpler than homeowners might think and does not have to come at a high price.  First, try unscrewing the fan blades and turning them over. Typically, blades have alternate colors or patterns on the reverse side. If not, simply add a coat of paint and reattach. One can even install new pull chains to complete the look as well as match the fan accents to new lighting fixtures or cabinet hardware.

4.  Hang More Mirrors. It sounds simple, but the addition of a mirror on any wall adds depth and light to a room, making even the smallest space seem larger. Mirrors also add elegance and charm to a home's décor, and often at a reasonable price.

5.Paint Can-Brush  Break Out the Paint Brushes. Applying a couple coats of paint can make a remarkable difference and is always a low-cost, high-return project. Coldwell Banker recommends a warm, neutral wall color that can make a room seem more spacious, create a more modern feel and appeal to a wider variety of buyers.

6.  Install Laminate Flooring. Even if the cost of hardwood or tile floors is out of the question, for under $5 per square foot, homeowners can easily install laminate flooring in their kitchens, hallways and bathrooms - provided that floors are level with those in adjacent rooms. Laminate flooring can hide chipped tiles or old linoleum and give the room a more modern feel.

7.  Refinish Your Appliances. Purchasing brand new matching appliances can cost thousands of dollars. However, for a few hundred dollars, an appliance refinisher can re-enamel the surfaces of appliances covering up any out-dated colors that may be ruining the look of your kitchen.yard tools

8.  Spruce up Your Home's Exterior. When planning to put money into a house, homeowners should not overlook simple exterior renovations that can add substantial worth and attract more buyers. A freshly-mowed lawn, a clean, even walkway and a few well-placed bushes can make a huge difference. If you don't have a green thumb, consider hiring a landscaper on a one-time basis to plant some shrubs or give the front yard a good cleanup.

*Homeowners who are not comfortable taking on a home improvement project themselves should always hire a qualified professional.

GSFABA - 18th Annual Auction

GSFABA_Auction_2014_11X17 Saturday, April 5th at 6:00 PM

Shelburne / Buckland Community Center

53 Main Street in Shelburne Falls, MA

Hors d'oeuvres will be prepared by Chef Margaret Fitzpatrick. A cash bar will be available. Tickets are only $20 per person and include one free drink. Tickets at the door will be $25 per person.

To make reservations:  mail checks to the GSFABA office at P.O. Box 42, Shelburne Falls, MA 01370.

Cash payments can be made at the GSFABA office located at 75 Bridge Street, Shelburne Falls.

Credit card payments can be made in person or by calling 413-625-2526.

 If you have questions or need additional information please contact the GSFABA office at 413-625-2526 or email info@shelburnefalls.com.

Why We Love Western Massachusetts-Beaver Lake

Paula Kyaking copyPaula Davitt, REALTOR in our Amherst Office enjoys a beautiful summer day kayaking on Beaver Lake in Ware, MA

Beaver Lake is a private, man-made lake on approximately 152 acres. The lake is owned and managed by Beaver Lake Trust Inc.  The Trust works with Beaver Lake Club Corp.  to preserve and protect the lake for future generations.

Beaver Lake is one of the few areas in Western Massachusetts with lake front property; by 2012 the lake was surrounded with over 300 small parcels, mostly occupied by single family residence.

Contact Paula if you are a prospective home buyer.  She enjoys the lake and would love to share it with you.


Why We Love Western Massachusetts-Jumptown

Ricks Jump copyYes, Coldwell Banker Upton-Massamont REALTORS has a few dare-devils in our midst.  Pictured at left, Rick Davitt and his son Brendon skydiving at Jumptown in Orange, Massachusetts.

Rick list & sells real estate from our Amherst Office and is part of the Davitt Assoc. Team.  For his birthday he decided to enjoy a jump from an airplane.

Jumptown is a skydiving club and dropzone in Orange, MA located 70 miles west of Boston and one of most western towns in Franklin County.  They offer both Tandem and Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) training.  Jumptown is dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable home for new and experienced skydivers.

Their webiste is very informative offering information, online scheduling, purchase of gift certificates and more.  Check out their Facebook Page for the most update photos and information about activities.

Jumptown welcomes spectators to make themselves comfortable in their shaded spectator viewing area and watch the skydivers land right in front of you!  Look out Rick, we will be watching for you!